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  • 1989
    MGG was founded from an idea of the MARCON’S BROTHERS, who had direct production experiences in the brush industry and precision mechanical manufacturing
  • 1990
    MGG develops based on typical Italian values such as ingenuity, productive capacity and lean organization, values that have their roots in the craft sector and in rural operating structures
  • 1993
    MGG starts a real industrial revolution in the field of painting brushes and produces the FIRST vulcanizing machine in the world with a light structure, after years before it had already created a similar one in electro welded carpentry
  • 1996
    The success of its machines and technology pushes MGG out of national borders and the WESSER company (Chile) becomes the first international customer, a mutual trust maintained over time
  • 2000
    The internationalization of the company grows with the first participation in the INTERBRUSH world fair where they are awarded for the most innovative stand and thanks also to the collaboration with Mr. J. Rickenbacher of the Desco Company
  • 2004
    The increase in requests from all over the world forced MGG to become an industrial reality, so without forgetting the origins and belonging to the territory they moved to the new site where they still operate today
  • 2007
    Over the years, MGG's production concept has evolved from a machine supplier to a supplier of complete systems to produce paintbrushes, thus becoming an EPC contractor
  • 2009
    MGG is a concrete reality and in the twentieth year since its foundation it is honored by a pioneer in the sector such as Cav. Gino Frascari, owner of the OMEGA Brush
  • 2015
    In just over twenty years the world recognizes MGG's leadership through the proposed technologies, personalized service and over five hundred machines supplied worldwide
  • 2018
    Production excellence in terms of quality and performance cannot be separated from the concepts of lean six sigma that are applied with the construction of a new modern assembly and testing department
  • 2019
    The 30 years of activity are celebrated by reinforcing the image of the company which becomes a group of specializations dedicated to Industry 4.0, Robotics and Precision Machining
  • 2020
    Extraordinary events and future developments force us to develop a company "vision" to guarantee "barrier free" customer service. For this reason we have developed "MGG on site" which provides on line assistance and training through augmented reality. Hence our slogan: " we with you you with us"!
  • 2021
    MGG has opened the sister company in the USA to compete and assure a dedicated service to the NAFTA market and related customer.
    Our committment for the next few years is to serve NAFTA countries with a direct logistical, commercial and technical assistance presence throughout the territory.